sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Custom style sheet for xkcd

In February I wrote about custom style sheets. Basically they allow you to modify any web site's visual appearance to your liking. So here is a custom style sheet file for the xkcd web comic for you to download. Here are the deployment instructions for Opera again:

  1. Direct Opera to
  2. Hit F12
  3. Select Edit Site Preferences...
  4. Choose the Display tab
  5. Into the My style sheet box, select the CSS file you hopefully just downloaded
  6. Hit OK, then refresh

Here is a screenshot of an xkcd comic before the custom style sheet:

And here's a picture after installing the custom style sheet. Notice how the comic now fully fits into the first screenful:

The top bar has been moved below the comic and the title-text of the image has been rendered visible. Some elements have also been made transparent so that they are less distracting.

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