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Good Android apps

A few months ago I blogged about the best Android apps and the runner-ups for that list. Since then I have installed some new software so I figured it would be a time to give an update. So, here are a few of the best apps I've installed within the last couple of months.

Wordfeud is a clone of the Scrabble board game that you play against other people. In it you try to form words out of random letters and a new word you play must touch a previous word on the board. I wouldn't play against random opponents as they may cheat, but it's great fun to play against trusted friends. The games are 1 vs 1 and you can move as seldom or as often as you please -- the game notifies you when it is your turn in any of the games you are currently playing. You can also chat with your opponent using the built-in chat function. The free version displays adds somewhat annoyingly after each move but you can get rid of them by buying the full version in case they bother you too much.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. A very comprehensive and easy to use dictionary app. Goes well with the Wordfeud game when you need to know what that "word" means that your opponent just played. ;)

Unified Remote turns your phone into a remote control for your Windows PC! You just need to install a server program into Windows and voilá, your Android phone turns into a remote control device. The most basic remote controls keyboard and mouse, but there are dedicated remote controls for individual programs such as Spotify and some web browsers. The full version has more different kind of remotes than the free version.

Finally, Aldiko is a solid, easy to use, nice looking ebook reader. You can import your own ebook files or you can use the built-in interface to the Feedbooks site and download new books. Feedbooks contains both free and commercial books. Start filling your virtual bookshelf now. :)

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