tiistai 28. joulukuuta 2010

Trying out some Steam games on the netbook

I have recently tried out a few games on my Asus EeePC 1101HA netbook and will now briefly report the results:

You'd think that Flight Control, which also exists for mobile phones, would run on a netbook, but no. Sure, it's HD, but still. The same actually goes for Worms Reloaded: Worms 2 was released in 1998 and the graphics seem to be essentially the same as back then, but now I couldn't even get past the initial "This is your first time playing the game! Would you like to create a player profile?" screen of the newest incarnation! World of Goo is a happy surprise and runs almost smoothly, even though I'm willing to bet it does more complex calculations all the time than either of the two other games. Goes again to show you that the weak spot of this netbook is its Intel GMA500 graphics chip. Oh well, at least I've got my still brand new'ish desktop computer.

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