maanantai 25. tammikuuta 2010

Tweaking Windows Aero

In my previous post I noted that some bells and whistles of the user interface, Windows Aero, are best toggled off, because the Asus EeePC1101HA just doesn't have the oomph to run them smoothly. Here I'll describe what I have done with those settings.

First, go to Control Panel. Select 'Performance Information and Tools' and then 'Adjust visual effects' from the left hand side of the window. Choose 'Custom' and uncheck at least the following boxes:
  • Animate controls and elements inside windows
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Animations in the taskbar and Start Menu
  • Fade or slide menus into view
  • Fade or slide ToolTips into view
  • Fade out menu items after clicking
  • Save taskbar thumbnail previews
  • Slide open combo boxes
Then hit 'OK' and voilá, your UI should feel a lot faster already. :)

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