sunnuntai 12. tammikuuta 2014

The best Firefox plugins for web developers

Tamper Data
XPath Checker
Here's a bunch of Firefox plugins for the web developers out there. If you are only going to install one, then Firebug is obviously a no-brainer (and you should already have it if you are a developer), but these others are very useful as well. Listed in alphabetical order:
  • Advanced Cookie Manager: Inspect and easily edit and/or remove any cookies there are
  • JSONView: Makes JSON documents easily inspectable with syntax highlighting and collapsible structure
  • Live HTTP Headers: Makes it trivial to inspect the HTTP headers of all requests and their responses
  • Tamper Data: Modify HTTP and HTTPS post parameters and headers
  • XPath Checker: View and test XPath expressions on the current page
Finally, there's a whole array of plugins for Firebug and there's something for everyone, so I'm not going to list any individual plugins from there. Just take a look and pick whatever you might like. :)